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Our Journey So Far


We are Ready for a Post - COVID-19 world

The world is facing a very unfortunate situation now dues to the Pandemic scenario. We at E Lanka World International make sure to the well being of our staff and customers alike. That said our leadership have planned their very best to get through this storm while planning out a strategy for the post-coronavirus market.


E Lanka World Engineering Formed

One of our founders being an engineer; we always had the idea into venturing into the world of engineering. We started undertaking Factory Automation related projects.


E Lanka world Consultancy Formed

E Lanka World Consultancy was initiated as a Study Abroad & Business service services consultancy. This includes education, Employment and General Business services.


E Lanka world International Formed

After years of doing business on more of a private venture our founders wanted to initiate a proper company. E Lanka world International was formed with great goals set for the future. We first started off as an importer and distributor of hardware items.

About us

About Conference


Who We Are?

We are a group of company who initiated business with a great idea into the future.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to become one of the top conglomerate in Sri Lanka


Our Vission

We want to continue making the world humanistic, society-oriented, so we monitor events that happen in our world that is full of technologies.

Our Business Scope

E Lanka world Engineering

engineering service focuses on Factory Automation and Machinery supplies. E Lanka World Engineering has completed several high ranked Engineering automation project

E Lanka World Consultancy

23 march 2028

Business and Education consultancy is the prime focus of E Lanka world Consultancy. Services provide include Business law consultancy, Study Abroad Consultancy etc.. 

E Lanka World Imports & Exports

15 february 2028

E Lanka world Imports and exports have been in the business of global trade and distribution service since the early 90s. In-fact this was where we first started off with.

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